Friday, February 23, 2007

Java Games Mr Schizoo 2

Java Games Mr Schizoo 2

Mr. Schizoo returns in another crazy platform game. Our fury friend is in trouble again. He was caught by fearsome robots from the "Fur Fashion Corporation" specializing in the manufacturing of expensive gallantry from the rarest materials. The rarest natural material in the whole galaxy is Schizoferrets´ fur! For smart Mr. Schizoo it is no problem to get out of the cage, but several other Schizoferrets are entrapped in the factory too. You must help them to escape!
Lead Mr. Schizoo through 9 colorful levels in 3 different graphic backgrounds. Use special "rolling mode" to reach high platforms and to bounce of the walls. Avoid robot guardians and acid pools. Become the real Schizoo!

- 9 levels in different graphic scenarios
- guard robots, auto turrets, laser beams, acid pools, vent fans, lifts, springboards and more!
- rolling mode gives Mr. Schizoo new capabilities
- animated backgrounds
- crazy music and sounds

Java Games Neon Zone

Java Games Neon Zone

Be the first to try the neon game on a mobile!
Neon, the current trend in mobiles, has finally got its game. Are you up to the challenge?

You have to find the hidden neon images whilst avoiding the patrolling enemies. Once you have completely uncovered the images, you can use them as backgrounds for your mobile.

- a game that will test both your nerve and reflexes
- exclusive neon graphics for a mobile game
- 10 logos to collect
- use the images as backgrounds on your mobile

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Java Games Rikki The Dwarf

Once upon a time, far far away, past dense forests, dark valleys and ten mountains, there lived a nice little dwarf on a farm - Rikki. At the edge of the meadow, days passed peacefully in perfect serenity. But not everyone was happy about that...

The evil witch Griselda, infamous for the largest wart on her nose and a particular sense of humor, didn´t like fairy tales. She decided, then, to have some fun. One day, along with a gang of cursed mushrooms, she visited Rikki´s farm in order to kidnap his favorite goat, Anooshka.
What could poor, little, nice Rikki do... he grabbed the largest hammer he had on his farm and ran off to rescue his goat. That´s exactly what the witch wanted. She laughed when the dwarf fell right into her magical trap. She laughed, knowing that it will take Rikki a very long time to find his way back home. She laughed... but will she be laughing for long? The fairy tale is over, Rikki is now very angry...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Java Games K Bong

Java Games K Bong

Want to have fun? Then play K-Bong! The game where you use a hammer to hit the head of anyone who dares to show themselves.
Discover global stars from the worlds of music, politics, TV or cinema. You can really let yourself go!
But be careful, in your rush, don't hit just anybody!

- 12 stars to 'hit'
- 3 stages of disfigurement for the stars
- 2 different play modes: people and colours

Monday, December 11, 2006

Java Games Christmas Crash

Java Games Christmas Crash

Last minute news: Christmas in danger!

A group of Christmas balls have rebelled and they are trying to boycott the Christmas celebrations. The only one that can stop this is Santa Claus accompanied with his helpers. But Santa needs your help.
Do you want to form a part of this fun christmas adventure?
Deal with the rebel christmas balls. Travel through distinct scenaios and do not leave intact.

- 10 levels and distinct scenarios
- A classic game set in the super fun universe of christmas

Don’t allow the world to be without presents, help Santa ¡

Friday, November 03, 2006

Java Games Viki Vans

Java Games Viki Vans

Become Viki Vans, a warrior in search of the truth and freedom. Guide her through the ruins of a deserted city and its complicated system of underground tunnels towards secret archives of the Dominium.
Infiltrate the complex unseen to find the truth which will shake civilization.
Make the Dominium regret they ever wronged you.

Viki Vans is an action game set in the Xyber Mech world. The player goes against the power of the Dominium armed with a pistol, grenades, wit and hacking skills. On her journey Viki will encounter relentless soldiers, security cameras, turrets, mines and other obstacles. Some can be avoided, others on the other hand can be turned on your enemies with some clever hacking.

- Vivid, animated locations
- Dynamic game play
- Ability to move through the game using stealth or with force
- Great soundtrack

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Java Games Biocide

Biocide is an action game in the survival-horror genre.
An intelligent meteorite has taken control of the secret military base Avel74 situated on an atoll in the Pacific. Three members of the Fantom team have been sent there to shed some light on the incident but we have no news from the entire team for quite some time now... Play the role of Fantom8, a solo commando operations specialist who has been sent to the island to stop the alien invasion.

Features :

- The main character can move and shoot in 8 directions
- 3 different weapons, ammunition to collect
- Move around in water using a dinghy
- Lifts, electric barbed wire, magnetic mines
- A host of enemies: zombies, drones, sharks, aliens
- 5 languages available
- Save option
- Player nickname