Friday, November 03, 2006

Java Games Viki Vans

Java Games Viki Vans

Become Viki Vans, a warrior in search of the truth and freedom. Guide her through the ruins of a deserted city and its complicated system of underground tunnels towards secret archives of the Dominium.
Infiltrate the complex unseen to find the truth which will shake civilization.
Make the Dominium regret they ever wronged you.

Viki Vans is an action game set in the Xyber Mech world. The player goes against the power of the Dominium armed with a pistol, grenades, wit and hacking skills. On her journey Viki will encounter relentless soldiers, security cameras, turrets, mines and other obstacles. Some can be avoided, others on the other hand can be turned on your enemies with some clever hacking.

- Vivid, animated locations
- Dynamic game play
- Ability to move through the game using stealth or with force
- Great soundtrack

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